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Strava Activities No Longer Importing

Since July 1st 2013, activities are no longer being imported for Strava users. Unfortunately for us, Strava has discontinued the ability for sites like Fit Leagues to import that data for their users.

For now, the only way to get activities imported into Fit Leagues is to use RunKeeper. Strava user can also create a RunKeeper account, connect their RunKeeper account with Fit Leagues and then manually export activities from the Strava website and import them into the RunKeeper website. This is obviously a lot of work and very far from ideal.

Preference Update

It has been a very long time in coming, but you can now change your distance unit preferences to kilometers instead of miles for those of you who prefer the metric system. To change your preference, go to the Settings page and click the Edit link near where it says Distance Units. Once you change this preference, all of the distances on the site should display in your chosen distance unit. Everything except achievements. Many of those are based on a specific distance unit and will not change how they are displayed. Hopefully this change will make the site much more user friendly to the rest of the world.


Season 2012 Three is almost over and it looks like Shego had a huge burst of energy at the end to take Master league. Congrats to all the others who are at the top of their leagues as well.

The past couple of seasons have been about two months long. This time I though we would try something different and shorten it down to just one month, October. It is a great time ( in North America at least ) to get out and put in some miles.

New Achievements

Thanks to the wonderful suggestions by the Reddit Running group, I have added a few new achievements such as TV Weatherman and Marianas Trench. I still have a lot of good achievement ideas to work on. Hopefully I can get those added sometime soon.

Welcome to the first real season

Welcome to season 2012 One. The first real, non beta, season. Good luck.

One question I have for everyone is when should the season end? Is it better to end on a Sunday, or in the middle of the week if that is when the month ends? I have set this season to end on May 27th, but I could just as easily have it end on Thursday the 31st and have season Two start on June 1st.

Curious to hear what everyone thinks. I am open to suggestions.

Lots of updates today

I have lots of updates to share today. Since the weather was not the best I decided to use the time to add a few long overdue features to Fit Leagues.

The first feature I added was the ability to view your previous season rankings. They now show up on the Stats page.

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