Lots of updates today

I have lots of updates to share today. Since the weather was not the best I decided to use the time to add a few long overdue features to Fit Leagues.

The first feature I added was the ability to view your previous season rankings. They now show up on the Stats page.

The main new feature that I just finished adding is the ability for anyone to create their own custom league. On the Leagues / Rankings page you can now click on the button called "Create a League". Once created, others can join your custom league. If you don't want the world to know who is in your custom league, you can mark it as private. Also, if you wish to have some control over who is in your league and who is not, you can set a passcode on your league. That way only the people that you have shared the passcode with are able to join.

Pretty sure I snuck a few other updates in there while I was at it, but I can't remember what they all are now :)