For each activity you record you earn points. Depending on what activity you did, you will earn a different amount of points per mile. You can see how points are calculated by looking at the following table.

ActivityPoints Per MilePoints Per KM
Cyclocross Biking42.49
Mountain Biking63.73
Cross-Country Skiing95.59
Snow Shoeing159.32


In order to motivate everyone as much as possible and be fair, every once in a while we need to start each player's points over so that newer players have a chance to compete. We don't yet know how long a typical season will be. The current thought is to have seasons be somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple of months. They may be shorter at first as new players start using this sight and increase in length over time.


Each player is assigned to a league based on how many points they earn per day. The higher your average points per day, the higher the league you will be placed in. You may be moved up or down leagues during the course of a season depending on how much exercise you get each day. The plan is to place you into a league of your peers who exercise in an amount as similar to you as possible. As more people use Fit Leagues we should be able to more closely match you with your peers based on other factors such as what kind of activity you do most or what part of the world you live in etc.