Strava ride edits aren't linked

I noticed the type of all my rides were cycling and none were mountain. This appears to be because both my bikes in strava were road type. Now that I've updated one bike type to mountain, strava shows the rides with that bike as mountain. The rides here are still shown as cycling. does Fit Leagues check for edits to rides in strava?

Unfortunately Strava does not give access to information about what bike was used or what type of ride it was. RunKeeper does do that. So for now all Strava activities are counted as Cycling. Since I don't think Strava is going to fix that any time soon my plan is to make it possible for you to edit your own activities and change them from Cycling to Mountain Biking. I don't like that it is an extra step you will have to take, but that is the best I can do until Strava makes some changes on their end.

I just finished adding a way for everyone to change the type of their activities. There is a link on the details page for an activity which will now allow you to change your cycling activities to Mountain Biking activities and also updates the points accordingly.

I have a number of activities in Strava that are non-cycling, like hiking for example. These aren't importing at all from Strava, it seems to only grab the Cycling activities. Is this intentional, or is something up with the import? Thanks!

Unfortunately Strava does not yet have a way for me to access data about non cycling activities like RunKeeper does. They did tell me they plan to make that information available by the end of the year though. For now, if you want that data in FitLeagues, the only way to do it is to export the GPX file from Strava and import it into RunKeeper.